Spain warns about hepatitis A in strawberries from Morocco

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food alert - hepatitis A in strawberries

The European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, RASFF (Rapid Alert System Feed and Food), recently issued a notification on the detection of Hepatitis A in strawberries from Morocco.

This discovery, made at a Spanish import point, has raised alarm bells as it exceeds the “maximum authorised absence/25g”. This poses a serious threat to public health. The contamination could have been caused by irrigating crops with fecally contaminated water.

What is Hepatitis A?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Hepatitis A is a liver inflammation caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). It spreads when an unvaccinated person consumes water or food contaminated with the feces of an infected person.

Call to action

The Valencian Farmers’ Association (AVA-Asaja) has expressed its deep concern. AVA-Asaja also wants “urgent measures” from the Spanish central government and the EU. The president of the organisation has sent a letter to Luis Planas, the Minister of Agriculture. It contains the request to “urgently request clarification from the Moroccan government. The organisation also wants the minister to specify what measures will be taken to prevent recurrence of such situations.”

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In addition, AVA-Asaja has requested the minister to “request the competent authorities of the European Union that all strawberries coming from Morocco are subjected to a thorough health inspection.” Should a further health warning be detected in other fruits and vegetables from third countries, the organisation calls for extensive controls on these products, given the risk to consumer health.

Precautionary actions

This call has also been sent to Brussels to address this problem. In addition, a warning has been issued to associations and organizations in the Valencian Community due to the possible health risk.

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