Food alert in Spain: Brown bread with plastic in circulation

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MADRID – The Spanish food authority AESAN has issued an urgent warning regarding the possibility of plastic fragments in the brown toasted bread of the Santiveri brand. This is distributed throughout Spain.

Persons who have this product at home are strongly advised not to consume it due to the potential health risk. The warning follows a notification from the health authorities of the Comunidad de Madrid, received through the Coordinated Rapid Information Exchange System (Sciri).

Information from the manufacturer

The information about this problem comes from the manufacturer itself, who has reported this issue to the competent authorities. All this was done following the applicable legislation and with the aim of not making unsafe food available to the population.

The product in question is the Pan 100% Integral Dextrin Tradicional of the Santiveri brand, sold in packages of 300 grams with package number 030125. This bread has been distributed throughout Spain.

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

Precautionary measures

Those in possession of this product are strongly advised not to consume it. The potential risk of ingesting plastic fragments is a important health concern and should be taken seriously. If you have this product at home, please contact the store where it was purchased for further instructions.

Further developments

AESAN and the relevant authorities will conduct further investigations to determine the extent of the problem. Additionally, they want to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to guarantee consumer safety. Consumers must remain vigilant and follow authorities’ warnings to protect their health.

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