Seville launches a tourism podcast via Spotify to promote the city

by Lorraine Williamson
Seville podcast

SEVILLA – The Tourism Office of the City of Seville has created a podcast series to promote the city. This was done in collaboration with the music service Spotify. 

In this way, the municipality wants to inform citizens about the steps taken in the strategy that led to Seville being recognised as the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2023. 

Those who wish can listen to the content of the various episodes of the podcast via the Spotify music platform. Tourism plays a central role in this, but the information is also about innovation technology, culture and sustainability. 

Promoting sustainable tourism 

According to the initiators, the Seville Tourism Office is not just a body for marketing and promotion of destinations. It is also a tourism management and administration tool for Seville. Its aim is to promote sustainable tourism in all its aspects, from ecological, economic to social, it told local newspaper Diario de Sevilla. 

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The distribution of the daily episodes, are almost two minutes long, and will be distributed through all social networks managed by the Tourism Office. 

Podcast in Spain 

According to a report by Spotify itself, 33% of Spaniards surveyed already listened to podcasts quite frequently in 2021. And, furthermore 51% confirm they listen to podcasts from time to time. However, the audience that listens most to podcasts in Spain is the millennial (people between the ages of 27 and 39). This is an important audience for the development of the tourism sector. Therefore, it will have to adapt to new trends and formats if it wants to continue to grow. 

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