Malaga will have the largest planetarium in Spain

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MALAGA – The city of Málaga is taking a big step in scientific and tourist development with the upcoming construction of the largest planetarium in Spain. If everything goes according to plan, it will open in 2025.

The project, located near the Campamento Benítez Park, will not only be the largest in Spain, but is also among the largest in the European Union. The UTE Málaga Planetarium, a temporary business alliance, will lead the project after winning a tender from the Málaga municipality.

The planned facility will include a projection room with space for 432 people and an internal diametre of 27 metres. This dome shows films with different leisure and science themes, as well as planetarium sessions with recreations of the heavens in different times and places.

Investment of more than 5.3 million euros

With an investment of over €5.3 million, this project will be an important milestone in Málaga’s educational and tourism sector. The planetarium will be located on a plot of 8,811 square metres between the Plaza Mayor and Bahía Blanca shopping centres, next to the A-7 highway.

Sustainable development and nature conservation

The planetarium will not only be a highlight for science and education, but also for sustainability. The project has been given the green light after positive reports from various authorities. Special attention will be paid to environmentally friendly aspects. This includes the replanting of trees that have to make way for construction.

Innovative and interactive exhibitions

The facility will also have almost a thousand square metres for hosting innovative exhibitions in the field of science and technology. Special attention will be paid to interaction with visitors. In another large room, educational workshops will be organised for toddlers, schoolchildren and secondary school students. The aim is to make scientific and technological knowledge accessible to these target groups in an enjoyable way.

250,000 visitors per year

The Málaga Planetarium will be equipped with 8K technology and a surround sound system. It is expected to open in 2025 and the founders hope for more than 250,000 visitors per year.

This ambitious project is the result of the collaboration between several experts, including SKY-SKAN Europe GmbH, known for their production and sales of multimedia systems for planetariums, and Gestomer Ingeniería SL, a company specialised in civil, construction and industrial engineering. Alberto Castro Tirado, a leading member of the Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía, also contributes to this project.

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