Several injured as car plunges into Miguel Cano terraces in Marbella

by Lorraine Williamson
Close to Punto del Faro and Marbella Port - Miguel Cano, central marbella

MARBELLA – A driver rammed his vehicle onto the pavement in Miguel Cano, central Marbella yesterday mid-afternoon. At the time the street was filled with people relaxing and enjoying the sun in cafes, bars and restaurant terraces.

Several people were rushed to hospital, Costa del Sol as the driver seemed to  plough on indiscriminately. Shocking footage was taken on the street of Miguel Cano. Consequently, much was posted in social media showing people lying on the ground, covered in blood, people visibly distressed, screaming and crying. Also, chairs, tables and glasses were smashed all over the place.

In the footage you can see a white car crashed into one of the storefronts. Furthermore, people attempted to get to the vehicle, but were held back. However #InSpainNews have not posted the graphic footage out of respect for the injured, their families and those affected by the event.

Serious condition

Police, and firemen were on the scene quickly and cordoned off the area to allow paramedics access. Likewise, ambulances also arrived taking the injured to hospital.  It was reported ten people were injured and five were taken to hospital, one of them in a serious condition.

Eye witnesses said the car appeared to be going very fast.

Man arrested

José Eduardo Díaz, Marbella’s councillor for citizen security, said the suspect is a Spanish national who was not alone in the vehicle.

He said “the appropriate tests are being carried out” by authorities to investigate the incident.

The man has been arrested pending an investigation.

Avenida Miguel Cano

Avenida Miguel Cano is a bustling, well liked street in central Marbella, close to the port. Also, it is lined either side with outdoor bars, cafes and restaurant terraces. Therefore, it is a popular area for people to take in the sun and enjoy and afternoon. At the time, the area was filled with customers.

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