Spain comes up with a plan to reduce the use of psychotropic drugs

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psychotropic drugs

The Spanish Ministry of Health is working on a new guideline for the use of psychotropic drugs. These are medications that are used to treat psychiatric disorders and psychological problems.

The initiative stems from growing concern about the increasing use of these substances. Spain is not only at the top worldwide when it comes to the number of people with stress symptoms and other psychological problems. The country also leads in the use of anti-anxiety drugs.

Faced with this reality, the Ministry of Health has announced that work is already underway on a guide to prescribing psychotropic drugs. This will serve as a guideline for both patients and healthcare providers. The main goal is to chart a new course in the use of this medication.

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A review of drug use

García emphasises the social aspects that influence the use of this medication. Research shows that people with a lower socio-economic level are more likely to use psychotropic drugs. “Life is hard, especially in certain neighbourhoods. We want to delve deeper into the social factors that influence the health of the most vulnerable groups. You are more likely to use these medications if you live in a deprived area,” the minister said.

A new approach

Spain’s mental health is under pressure, with increasing use of medication. “We must not only provide medical solutions, but also address the underlying problems that make life difficult,” said García. “Many people suffer from the uncertainty of their employment situation. We can prescribe medication, but that does not solve the real problems,” she adds.

Social and appropriate solutions needed

The increase in medication use among young people, suicide as the main external cause of death and the normalisation of medication use are some areas where the minister wants to take action. According to many healthcare providers, the overload of primary care leads to medication being prescribed instead of appropriate solutions being offered. “We must provide social solutions for situations that require more than just medication. Young people in particular take medication for granted,” the minister concludes.


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