After the Alhambra, Mar Menor will also have a digital twin

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digital twin

‘Digital twin’ of the Mar Menor starts making predictions based on a database with 20 million entries. The groundbreaking platform for the Mar Menor will include a three-dimensional model of the lagoon floor in the coming phases.

The Mar Menor is a saltwater lagoon on the coast of the Murcia region of Spain, known for its shallow waters and diverse flora and fauna. However, the inland sea is seriously threatened by environmental pollution. The long-awaited ‘digital twin’ project of the Mar Menor is about to reveal its potential in terms of the current well-being of the lagoon ecosystem and surrounding areas. The Minister of Environment, Universities, Research and the Mar Menor of the Murcia region, Juan María Vázquez, described the project as an “alert system” that will support crucial decisions. The system can do this both in emergencies and when evaluating the long-term effects of government measures.

Impressive database

The impressive database contains 20 million entries, which are constantly updated. This presents the Mar Menor digital twin project as an essential tool for monitoring the health of the lagoon. In this first phase it already offers 120 interoperable services. In addition, the management body will have access to a new vessel that will carry out accurate measurements of the lagoon bottom. Moreover, this creates a detailed picture of its current state and evolution.

The project will be publicly accessible. Minister Vázquez emphasised the importance of interoperability between the different systems. “Ultimately there will be a single ‘digital twin’ system, fed by data from multiple agencies,” he explained.

Other insights

In addition to monitoring the ecosystem, the digital twin project will also provide insight into the use of the land surrounding the Mar Menor. Furthermore, it will provide simulations of possible effects of flooding on surrounding buildings. This advanced approach will play a crucial role in understanding and managing the complex dynamics of this unique marine environment.

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Why is the Mar Menor threatened?

The Mar Menor is threatened by several factors, including pollution from agricultural chemicals, excessive development along the coastline, wastewater discharges and climate change. These threats have led to ecological problems such as algal blooms, loss of biodiversity and degradation of the lagoon’s ecosystem.

The health of the Mar Menor is crucial for tourism in the region. Tens of thousands of tourists are attracted every year by its beautiful beaches, calm waters and excellent conditions for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Digital twin Alhambra

Last year it was announced that the Alhambra in Granada will have a digital twin using AI. The initiators want to use the project to improve the visitor experience at the much-visited monument. Through simulations and augmented reality, the initiative aims to analyse and optimise visitor flows, providing enriching experiences.

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