Alhambra is getting digital twins with the help of artificial intelligence

by Lorraine Williamson
AI Alhambra project

GRANADA – The enchanting Alhambra palace complex in Granada is getting a digital twin with the help of artificial intelligence. The goal is to offer visitors an even more complete experience in the near future. 

This Retech initiative has a budget of €2 million and is led by the Andalucian Digital Agency in collaboration with the Municipality of Granada and the Ministry of Culture. The project plans to connect artificial intelligence and the tourism sector. Alhambra’s surroundings are being used for the development of “one of the most ambitious artificial intelligence projects in the tourism industry”. 

Real-time representation of the physical monument 

The goal is to improve the visitor experience through the application of technology, especially artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Using advanced sensors, data is collected to create a “digital twin” of the Alhambra, an accurate and real-time representation of the physical monument. 

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Making visits “enriching”. 

By developing simulations, the initiators want to analyse and optimise visitor flows, for example. The project will also use augmented reality to make the visits “enriching”. For example, you visit one of the rooms of the Alhambra and can see a real-time representation of life in that room in different eras, how people interacted, and the furniture and decorations of the time, via augmented reality and your smartphone. 

Embrace AI 

The government of Andalucia has launched more artificial intelligence initiatives that are being applied in various fields such as education, healthcare and hence tourism. Ultimately, the aim is not to replace humans but to guide them by embracing artificial intelligence. 

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