Red alert for Costa Blanca due to heat

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red alert for heat

ALICANTE – On Wednesday it is also intensely hot on the Costa Blanca. Weather experts expect temperatures around 42 degrees Celsius. The maximum warning also applies in the interior of Murcia.

In the north of the province of Alicante, a yellow warning applies (risk) and in the interior beyond that and also the south of Murcia, a code orange (important risk) applies.

In the areas that received a red alert on Tuesday, it is slightly cooler today. A yellow alert now applies to the Costa Brava, only the south of the province of Lleida still has orange. The weather alert has also changed from red to orange on the island of Mallorca.

In the north of Spain, it can even feel fresh, for example, the mercury in a city like Pamplona drops by no less than 12ºC compared to Monday.

The Spanish weather agency Aemet writes on Twitter that the first half of July has seen temperatures above normal almost every day. “In fact, the first 17 days of the month make it the third warmest in the historical sequence, after 2022 and 2015.”

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The average temperature between 1 and 17 July was 1.8 ºC higher than average. In addition, there were short but intense warm spells when temperatures exceeded 44ºC. There have also been scorching nights, in which it has not dropped below 25 ºC, locally even 30 ºC.

Sea temperature

The heat is also spreading to the maritime areas around Spain, with temperatures as a whole being 2.2ºC higher than normal. In some areas of the Alborán Sea, they are even between 3 and 4ºC higher. At points of the east and the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean Sea is over 28 ºC.

These sea surface temperatures, above 24.5 ºC in the coastal areas of Spain, are “unprecedented” in mid-July in the entire historical series, which began in 1940: they far exceed the records of the two previously warmest years, 2015 and 2022.

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