Benidorm has a first AI hotel room in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
AI hotel room

Benidorm is the first in Spain with an innovative project for the hotel industry. A hotel room entirely based on artificial intelligence (AI). It is a collaboration between Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and Turisme de la Comunitat Valenciana. The special room, “ITH TechYroom 1.0”, is located in the hotel Corona del Mar in Benidorm. 

Everything to offer the customer a special stay: smart lighting that turns on and off by voice, in connection with the alarm systems, home automation and a virtual assistant. The hotel can warn the guest with light signals in case of emergencies. Virtual curtains darken the windows, the walls have a special coating that improves insulation and acoustics. Much of the furniture is made with 3D printers. Decorations made from recycled materials such as coffee grounds and shells. 

First AI hotel room in Spain 

This is the first room in all of Spain with all these technologies and digital solutions. Everything in this room in Benidorm focuses on enhancing the guest experience, with tailor-made service. Touch screens, voice assistants, a virtual concierge and video conferencing equipment, among other technologies, are available to the customer. What is special is that all these things are now integrated in one room. But the working conditions of the hotel staff are also important. Motorised cleaning trolleys contribute to the optimisation of work. 

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Inspiration for other hotels 

The business association for the hotel industry and tourism in the region (Hosbec) wants this AI hotel room to serve as an inspiration for other hotels. First of all, because the guest has a special experience because of all these technologies. In addition, AI provides the hotel with valuable information about the visitor. What they buy or use the most, what services they find important, how they get around the accommodation and destination. Useful information to get to know the guest or to improve the service. 

AI hotel room with robotics, HVAC, and cybersecurity 

More than 25 leading technology companies participated in the “ITH TechYroom 1.0″ in Benidorm. They have provided the advanced tools. A whole list: AI, cobots (robots that work together with humans in a common working environment), 3D printers, smart signage, ergonomic furniture, lighting systems, home automation, video conferencing equipment, etc. And tools for climate control, automation and robotics, cybersecurity and digital twin (virtual replica). 

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