British tourists about rising alcohol prices in Spain: “we won’t return”

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In recent years, the general price hikes have impacted not only Spaniards but also foreign tourists visiting Spain’s renowned beach destinations. This Sunday, The Mirror reported on the frustration of British tourists who believe the increased prices for alcoholic beverages in Spain are unjustified.

The British newspaper spoke with Bobby and Marie McQueen, a couple from Glasgow, who visited Magaluf, Mallorca, for the first time since the pandemic. They expressed their disappointment: “We won’t come back. It’s the last time we pay €10 for a gin and tonic and €12 for a large white wine.” They also noted that drink portions have noticeably decreased. “Before, they used to fill the glass up to three-quarters with gin, now it’s less than half,” they added.

Veronica Horwood, 62, from Bristol, a regular visitor to Magaluf, is currently on the island with her friend Diane to enjoy the sun. “Places like the Piano Bar, which we love, are definitely pricier than last year at this time,” she commented.

“I’ve been coming to Magaluf for 20 years. Just four years ago, a gin and tonic would have cost only €5. I think after Covid, prices have gone up everywhere you go,” Veronica continued.

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Local bar owners feel the pinch

The Mirror also gathered insights from foreigners who run bars in these Spanish beach areas. Cathy Sinclair, 69, owns a Scottish pub in Magaluf and has noticed a decrease in drinking habits. “People aren’t drinking as much. Businesses are struggling here. The cost of living here has skyrocketed,” she said.

Sinclair mentioned that the cost of beer barrels, which were €36 before the pandemic, now cost €74. She also highlighted the financial burdens related to employing staff. “Employers pay social security contributions, costing me about €700 a year for a full-time worker. That’s a big expense and tourists don’t understand that we have to face this,” she explained.

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