Rafael Nadal and Fernando Alonso on the map in Murcia

by Lorraine Williamson
Fernando Alonso and Rafael Nadal on the map in Murcia

MURCIA – When Twitter user, José Cava Tweeted as a joke, “in a street of townhouses, what extra percentage would you pay to have the house number 14 on Fernando Alonso Street at Rafael Nadal corner, little did he know his Tweet would go viral.

Twitter followers took to Google Maps to search for this famously named crossroads in Murcia according to the Huffington post. Once on Google Maps, in the same neighbour of Murcia you can find streets named after other Spanish sports people. As well as Rafael Nadal for tennis fans and Fernando Alonso for F1 fans, you can find a road racing cyclist, and long-distance runners.

Calle Martín Fiz

Martín Fiz was a long-distance runner from Spain. He won the marathon at the 1994 European Championships in Athletics in Helsinki and again at the 1995 World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg. However, he did not start his athletic career as a marathon runner. At the age of 12, he ran away from home to compete in a cross-country event. This was his first taste of the world of athletics. He didn´t look back. In 2018, he was knocked down on a zebra crossing which caused multiple traumas, and 4 broken ribs, but just 4 months later, in January 2019, he broke the world record for the 10k road race for runners over the age of 55.

Abel Antón Rodrigo Street

Abel Antón Rodrigo was also a Spanish marathon runner. He won gold medals for the marathon at the 1997 and the 1999 World Championships. Furthermore, in 1998 Antón became the first Spaniard to win the London Marathon. Of the 8 marathons he ran, he won 5 of them. He finally retired from competitive running in the year 2000. Born in Soria there is also a street named after him there.

Alejandro Valverde Belmonte Street

Nicknamed “The Bullet”, Alejandro Valverde Belmonte from Las Lumbreras in Murcia is a Spanish road racing cyclist. He has raced his final event for the Movistar Team and hung up his bib. His career spanned over 2 decades. He has over 130 successes as a professional racer.

Calle Rafael Nadal and Fernando Alonso Street

Then we come to the subject of the Tweet by José Cava – the corner located between the streets of Rafael Nadal and Fernando Alonso. These are two of the most successful athletes in Spanish history.

Calle Rafael Nadal

Rafa Nadal has won the all-time record of 22 Grand Slam men’s singles titles. This includes a record 14 French Open titles. He has won 92 Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) singles titles, including 36 Masters titles. Furthermore, 63 of these on clay courts. Nadal is one of only four people (2 of them men) to complete the Career Golden Slam. This is awarded to players who win all four Grand Slam tournaments and the Olympic gold medal during their career. It is one of the rarest achievements in tennis. Those who have achieve it are Steffi Graf, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, and of course, Rafa.

Calle Fernando Alonso

Alonso has achieved the record for the longest sports career in Formula 1. His first taste was at the tender age of 3 when his father, José Luis Alonso, a kart enthusiast, decided to build one with his own hands. This was originally meant to be for his older sister, Lorena, but for Fernando, it was an instant hit. His passion continued, and in 1993, he won the Spanish Championship.

In September 2005, Fernando made history. He became the youngest driver ever to become a Formula 1 World Champion in the Brazilian Grand Prix. The following year, he was crowned F1 World Champion once again in a race that came down to the wire. His last success was in Qatar last November. Then the 40-year-old driver finished third on the podium along with Max Verstappen and Luis Hamilton.

Would living on a street named after your favourite sports personality have an influence on your decision?

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