Nadal – need we say more!

by Lorraine Williamson

TENNIS – Spanish sport continues its amazing week. Rafael Nadal had an unbelievable match, winning the quarter-final, therefore, putting him into the semi-finals of Wimbledon.

However, Nadal was on the verge of pulling out due to injury. But he somehow found a way to keep going! Subsequently, he survived over 4 hours and 5 sets against Taylor Fritz.

The energy kept me going

After the match Nadal is quoted as saying, “the body in general is fine but of course in the abdominals, something is not going well, to be honest. I had to find a way to serve a little bit different. For a lot of moments, I was thinking that I would not be able to finish the match but, I don’t know, the court, the energy [kept me going].”

During the match, Nadal did not seem to have the same spring in his performance.

Something was not right

However, he managed to stop the run of five straight games from the American. Furthermore, he was able to hold and then break the serve at the start of the second set. Although, it soon became clear to everyone that something was not right.

Nadal’s service speed was dropping and there were times when he doubled over on his hands on his knees after his service. Therefore, when it reached 4-3, he called his trainer.

Abdominal pain

As he lifted his shirt and pointed to the issue, the taping already there revealed a problem with a right abdominal muscle. While he waited for the trainer to appear, Nadal looked to his box and shook his head. This did not look good.

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Nadal Tweeted, “For a lot of moments I was thinking maybe I will not be able to finish the match”.

Djokovic had come back from two sets down the day before but was fully fit. Nadal was doing all he could to hang on in the second set, but it was obvious the injury was affecting his movement, his serve, and his backhand.

17 years in the top 10

As the second week of The Championships began, Nadal was beginning his 873rd consecutive week in the world’s top 10. That is almost 17 years as one the top 10 best players in the world.

That staggering level of consistency, despite all the injury problems he has endured, means he has plenty of experience in dealing with adversity and finding a way to win. This time, however, he really was up against it.

However, Fritz was attempting to do what he had set out to. He kept playing those big serves and finding ways to unleash his forehand. That is what won him the third set.

But, the tension seemed to get to Fritz from the fourth set onwards. By then Nadal’s forehand grabbed the momentum and dragged it back to his side of the court and into the match tie-break.

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