More money in Spanish budget for infrastructure next year

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain´s infrastructure

Spain has increased infrastructure investment by 7% to €11.794 billion in 2023, the draft general state budget presented on Thursday shows.  

Of this, almost half, €5.4 billion, will go to the rail sector. ADIF, manager of the Spanish railways, gets €2.807 million. Of this, €259 million is for management, €932 million to finance new investments or replacements in the network. European funds will provide €720 million. For high-speed lines, ADIF Alta Velocidad will get more than €2.5 billion. From this, €30 million is intended to compensate for the fare reduction introduced a year earlier to boost rail transport after the pandemic. And also, €312 million to is to help finance its investments. 

Roads, ports, airports and hydrology 

€2.292 billion will be invested in roads to improve road safety and reduce road accidents. Port infrastructure will receive and investment of €1,068 million. This will almost be entirely through public company, Puertos de Estado, to improve connectivity, safety and digitalisation of Spanish ports. 

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

€826 million goes to Spanish airports, with air traffic controller Enaire -which includes airport operator Aena- getting €816 million of this. Investment in water management rises to 1.1 billion to meet demand and improve water security. 

Contribution from Europe for infrastructure

A total of €4,519 billion comes from European funds for infrastructure. Of this, €720 million will go to ADIF, €239 million to ADIF-Alta Velocidad, €140 million to Puertos del Estado, €28 million to Renfe Viajeros and €18 million to Enaire. 

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