Political deadlock in Spain: PP leader accepts defeat

by Lorraine Williamson
Feijoo of Partido Popular (PP)

MADRID – Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the Partido Popular (PP) in Spain, has indicated that he will accept with dignity a possible defeat at his investiture at the end of this month. 

This after a series of failed talks with Junts, the nationalist Catalan party of Carles Puigemont, and a clear ‘no’ from the Basque nationalist party PNV. “In politics, it’s not about the position you hold, but what you defend,” Feijóo said at a PP event. 

He added, according to EFE news agency, that governing means not dedicating the nation to a single person. “That’s what we offer the Spaniards. And if that takes a ‘no’, then we take it with dignity, confidence and determination,” said Feijóo. 

Strategic course change 

The PP has recently changed its political strategy. Although they were initially open to dialogue with Junts within the confines of the Spanish constitution, the PP has now regarded these talks as a formality. Alejandro Fernández, the president of the Catalan PP, publicly expressed his displeasure about this and rejected any dialogue with Junts. 

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Future vision 

With the investiture likely off the table, the PP is now aiming its arrows to the future. Feijóo stressed that his party would focus on the interests of the Spaniards and would not give in to the wishes of a small group of separatists. “We will not come (to the presidency) by shortcuts at the expense of the equality of the Spaniards,” he warned. 

Charging against Sánchez 

Furthermore, Feijóo took the opportunity to criticise Pedro Sánchez. He claimed that the PSOE is no longer a state party and accused them of not accepting that they, not the PP, lost the election. Facing a weak government, Feijóo warned: “When the government is weak, the separatists are stronger than ever.” 

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It is clear that the PP, even with insufficient support for Feijóo’s investiture, will not accept the current political landscape. Consequently, the party is repositioning itself as an alternative to the “bloc” and the “misgovernment of inequality” they attribute to the PSOE. 


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