Costa del Sol expects intense storm on Sunday

by Lorraine Williamson
intense storm

MALAGA – The storm that will affect large parts of Spain this weekend will not leave Andalucia untouched. The prediction is that it will be most intense on Sunday on the coast of Málaga. 

The Spanish meteorological institute Aemet warns that the High Level Depression (DANA) will hit large parts of Andalucia this weekend, and in particular on the Costa del Sol. The phenomenon is expected this weekend in Málaga and is anticipated to be strongest on Sunday. To date, however, no emergency has been announced for the province. Moreover, storms and hail are not ruled out. 

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The DANA has already arrived in the north of the country. And there is a 50% chance that its effects will be strong locally. Most disruption is expected on the coastal strip of the province on Sunday. Here there is a high probability of accompanying storms, which could be locally intense. Furthermore, there is also a risk of hail and a temperature drop of up to five degrees. 

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Althought it is expected to return to normal from Tuesday, the DANA could last into the end of next week. Juan de Dios del Pino, the territorial representative of Aemet in Andalucia, emphasises that it is difficult to predict the size of the DANA. “It’s not like a normal storm,” he said. A temperature drop of five to six degrees is expected. 

Aemet excludes that the consequences will be felt after Tuesday, although there is a chance that the phenomenon will last for a week in other parts of the country. 

First rain in almost 80 days 

This will be the first time it is predicted to rain in Málaga after nearly 80 days without precipitation and after a summer that is the warmest since records began. 

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