Will meeting with Sánchez on Wednesday lead to support for Feijóo as head of government?

by Lorraine Williamson
Wednesday meeting

The president of the conservative-right PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the acting prime minister and leader of the social-democratic PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, are meeting in Congress on Wednesday morning to discuss coalition investiture. 

Spain’s King Felipe VI designated Feijóo, as election winner, as prime ministerial candidate. That means Feijóo may form a government. Feijóo had requested the meeting with Sánchez as part of the round to gather support for his appointment as head of government. The men meet on Wednesday at 10.00 am in the Congress of Deputies. 

Before parliament resumes on 8 September, Feijóo must have formed a coalition. However, if that fails, the king will consult the other parties again. He might then ask Sánchez to form a coalition. Only if that also fails will there be new elections in Spain. 

According to PP sources, Feijóo contacted Sánchez, “leader of the second largest party in our country”, yesterday afternoon to explore the possibility of getting together The conversation took place via WhatsApp. In an initial message, Feijóo suggested Sánchez discuss the matter over the phone. 

It was finally agreed on Tuesday morning that the meeting will take place on Wednesday 30 August, at 10:00 am in the Congress of Deputies. 

The PP sees this meeting not only as part of the “democratic normality” following the 23 July general elections. but also of “institutionalism prior to the investiture debate” scheduled for 26 September. Via social media, Feijóo, as ‘winner’ of the elections, called for ‘respecting the will of the ballot boxes’, ‘giving stability’ to Spain and ‘guaranteeing equality’ for all citizens. 

End to ‘daily insult’ 

For its part, the PSOE hopes that with this meeting, the PP will “end the daily insult to its political formation and embark on a more constructive path for the country and the Spanish people”.Feijóo already suggested to Sánchez during last July’s debate that he should work together on a model that would allow the investiture of the list with the most votes.This is still the PP president’s conviction. But whether he manages to convey this to Sánchez on Wednesday remains to be seen. 

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