PP wins Spanish elections, yet right wing falls short of majority

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MADRID – The July 23 general elections have set the stage for political uncertainty in Spain. While the PP emerged victorious, their combined strength with Vox isn’t sufficient to form a majority government. Similarly, the left-wing factions could not rally to present an alternative coalition.

Following a nail-biting tally, with 98% of the votes counted, the general elections have concluded with more questions than answers. Neither the combined might of PP and Vox (169 seats in total) nor the coalition of PSOE and Sumar (153 seats), including ERC, EH Bildu, and PNV, managed to secure a clear majority.

The conservative Partido Popular claimed victory, securing 136 seats and capturing 32.5% of the vote. In comparison, the socialist PSOE won 122 seats, representing 32.1% of the electorate. Consequently, the closely-fought contest between the two political juggernauts was more riveting than many had anticipated.

Vox retained its position as Spain’s third-largest party, gaining 33 seats and 12.4% of the vote, albeit at a loss of 19 seats. Sumar rose to be the fourth dominant force with 31 seats, corresponding to 12.2% of the vote.

Both ERC and Junts settled for seven seats apiece, with the Republicans pulling in the majority of the vote. Despite this, they witnessed a considerable decline in support, dropping six congressional seats.

Transitioning from the political fray in Catalonia to that in the Basque Country, EH Bildu secured six seats, outpacing PNV who managed five. BNG, CC, and UPN each won a seat, resulting in a less divided Congress. The representation decreased from 16 distinct parties to 11.

Voter turnout saw a four-point surge from the 2019 general elections, propelled by an unprecedented number of mail-in votes.

Junts emerges as a crucial player for the left. “We will not endorse Pedro Sánchez for president without conditions,” cautioned Miriam Nogueras, the Catalan party’s candidate from Junts, in her initial remarks post-tally.

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