Violent youth gang ‘BLOOD’ dismantled in Segovia

by Lorraine Williamson
youth gang dismantled

SEGOVIA – The police operation led to the arrest of the gang’s leader, who had recruited six other individuals, also arrested, for their alleged involvement in crimes related to organised crime, threats, and coercion, as well as their participation in various property crimes such as robberies in homes and vehicles.

The young leader of the gang had relocated from the city of Madrid to the town of Los Ángeles de San Rafael (Segovia) after being threatened by a rival gang.

The Guardia Civil, in a joint operation with the Policia Nacional, arrested seven people in the towns of Los Ángeles de San Rafael, El Espinar, and San Rafael in Segovia province on July 4th, for their alleged involvement in crimes of coercion, threats, and organised crime membership. Furthermore, these youths had allegedly committed numerous violent crimes, engaging in fights with members of rival gangs and carrying out thefts in vehicles and homes.

The investigation began in April when Guardia Civil agents specialised in violent youth groups became aware of a series of altercations and criminal activities involving a group of youths that caused concern among the residents and neighbours of various towns in the southern part of Segovia province. These actions were under the direction of an individual who portrayed himself as the leader of a violent gang with criminal intentions.

He formed his own “BLOOD” gang

It was at that time when the possible presence of a violent youth group of Latin origin, driven by their leader (a prominent gang member known by the National Police), was detected. He had created a new “block” in Segovia.

The arrested leader is a young man who moved from Madrid to the town of Los Ángeles de San Rafael (Segovia) to hide from a rival gang that had targeted him. Once there, following the orders from the national leaders of the gang, he began recruiting and proselytising new members to join and form his own violent group under the banner “BLOOD”. Through these efforts, he managed to recruit several young individuals, becoming the leader of a ‘BLOOD’ gang directing their activities, coordinating robberies in homes and vehicles, and initiating aggressive confrontations with rival groups and gangs.

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Recruitment mainly took place in schools and institutes, as well as in places where young people gather, such as sports centres and parks. The leader also used social media profiles to promote his ideals and advocate for the use of violence against members of rival gangs. Furthermore, new gang members were required to create profiles to gain more visibility among other youths in the area.

To achieve the leader’s goals, the group committed various criminal acts in the area, mainly robberies and violent assaults carried out in a coordinated and organised manner, threatening members who refused to participate.

It is common in such violent youth gangs for members, to be falsely promised a higher status within the organisation and protection from other members, and induced or even coerced through threats by higher-ranking members to engage in illegal activities. The age range for recruitment was mainly among vulnerable young individuals, who would be placed in lower-ranking positions within the hierarchy.

‘Sangre dentro, sangre fuera’ (‘Blood In, Blood Out’) was rule number 1

After several months of thorough investigation, the police conducted the operation and carried out several searches, seizing numerous items relevant to the ongoing investigation and corroborating the initial facts that led to the inquiry.

With this operation, the violent group known as BLOOD, which translates to ‘sangre’ in Spanish and is an acronym for ‘Brotherly Love Overcomes Oppression and Destruction,’ has now been dismantled.

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