Spanish mayor under fire for sexist gifts

by Lorraine Williamson
sexist gifts

PROVINCIA DE GRANADA – Albondón, a village in the province of Granada, has been the subject of discussion in recent days because of the controversial gifts that the town hall, governed by the social-democratic PSOE, has given to its inhabitants. 

The sexist gifts, distributed during the San Luis celebrations, have sparked outrage and allegations of sexism. 

Machismo in the spotlight 

The town hall gave the men a bottle of liqueur and the women a mug with a cleaning cloth. This gendered gift policy and example of ‘machismo‘ came as a shock to residents and was seen as a clear form of machismo. “It is incomprehensible and inappropriate,” said Francisco del Castillo, leader of the right-wing conservative opposition party in the village. 

Controversial choices 

The municipality, led by socialist mayor José Sánchez, is now accused of having a “sexist” approach to gifts. This is particularly notable as his party portrays itself as championing gender equality. 

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Del Castillo emphasised the irony and hypocrisy of the situation: “It is precisely those who proclaim every day that they are the standard-bearers of gender equality who make such a blunder.” 

Apologies and future action 

Following the uproar, the mayor of Albondón issued a statement offering “sincere apologies” and acknowledging that the gesture was “inappropriate”. “We will review all equality protocols to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in our community,” he said. 

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