Bus driver fired for unplanned stop due to menstrual pain

by Lorraine Williamson
bus driver

ALMERIA – The CGT union has publicly denounced the termination of a female bus driver for making an unplanned stop due to “menstrual pain and bleeding.”  

She was employed by Bacoma, a subsidiary of Alsa, and operated a route between Almería and Valencia. The union stated the company was fully aware of her medical condition, endometriosis, which was the cause of her symptoms. 

Consideration for passenger safety 

According to the CGT union, the unscheduled stop was also made with passenger safety in mind. This echoed similar stops she had made before. The dismissal appears to be part of a broader pattern of discriminatory behaviour and unjust pressure that the driver had experienced at work. Notably, the driver was under temporary medical incapacity at the time of her firing. Consequently, the union is contemplating legal action against the company. 

Previous employment issues 

Furthermore, the union highlights that the driver had only one day off each weekend since January 2023. Additionally, she was penalised by the company earlier, a sanction ruled “disproportionate and implausible” by a court. She also served as the spokeswoman for the CBT department, advocating for compliance with salary and occupational health regulations. 

Cogesa Expats

Union accuses the company of gender bias and human rights violation 

The CGT union also accused Alsa of ignoring the dismissed driver’s explanation and allegations, labelling the company misogynistic and in violation of basic human rights, such as equality, health, and freedom of association. 

Moreover, Alsa has yet to release a statement addressing these accusations. 

Public demonstrations and gender discrimination 

Public gatherings have been organised in support of the bus driver, highlighting larger concerns about gender discrimination and working conditions in the Spanish transport industry. Interestingly, Spain had earlier introduced Europe’s first paid “menstrual leave” for those suffering from extreme menstrual pain. 

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