Over €1000 for a new saxophone street musician within 5 minutes

by Lorraine Williamson
street musician

CADIZ – Juan de Dios is a street musician in Cádiz. Two months ago he lost his tenor sax with which he had been making music for thirty years. Since then, he waited patiently in the streets of the southern Spanish city, hoping to buy a new instrument. 

A resident of the city was so sorry for this 64-year-old musician that they started a crowdfunding campaign. Pablo Maza was the initiator who encouraged his more than 140,000 followers to donate money to buy a new sax for Juan. 

Street musician saxophone

But the story doesn’t start here. On his Twitter account, Pablo tells how one afternoon he went to the street musician to ask him which saxophone it was that he had lost. To find out, the two went to a musical instrument store. 

“I just went to the store with Juan de Dios. The tenor sax costs €1,025 and will arrive in Cádiz next week. I have advanced €500 with my card so that they can place the order,” the organiser of the promotion said. 

Cogesa Expats

To avoid confusion and given the proliferation of internet scams in recent months, Pablo decided to share the store’s name and location on his Twitter for those who “wanted to be sure” where they were transferring their money. 

He then wrote: “I paid €100, so the goal is to raise another €925″. He also posted the link to donate the money. Less than five minutes later, the goal was reached: €1,044 for Juan’s new sax, on which he can play again from next week. 

Real social media 

“Sometimes Twitter is good for precious things”, “It’s a beautiful act!” “Congratulations on your great action”, and dozens of similar reactions were received by Pablo after his action. An action that once again emphasized the social side of social media. 


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