Starving pack of dogs attacks live pigs in Spanish village

by Lorraine Williamson
pack of dogs

PROVINCIA DE SEGOVIA – A pack of Mastiff dogs without owners and with obvious veterinary deficiencies has been raising emotions in the village of Santiuste de Pedraza (Segovia) for months. 

The pack has attacked live pigs twice in a span of 20 days. The last attack was last Tuesday. A young resident of the village found some dogs trapped in the barn where live pigs are kept. Furthermore, she managed to chase the dogs away after which she found one of the pigs badly injured. 

The pack of dogs has been roaming in and around the village for months. The animals are unkempt and have open wounds on their bodies. Furthermore, they are so starving that they are attacking livestock together as a pack. The residents are afraid because the animals show aggressive behaviour. 

While the mayor (PSOE) of the village states that the animals do not cause any problems, the Franz Weber Foundation received numerous videos and photos showing that the animals are neglected and aggressive. Also circulating is a Dantesk image of the starving pack devouring a live pig on August 20. 

Cogesa Expats

Both the residents of the village and the aforementioned nature organisation hold Mayor Eusebio Alvaro responsible for not taking action regarding the dogs. 

The municipality is responsible for compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 

The organisation points out that each municipal councillor is ultimately responsible for compliance with animal welfare rules in their municipality. The condition the dogs are in and their resulting behaviour proves that this has not happened for a long time. According to EcoAvant, some residents point out that the mayor’s family is said to own the Mastiff pack. 


In addition to calling on the state government to intervene, the foundation is also publicly demanding that the dogs be confiscated and put up for adoption by families who want to take care of the animals. 


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