49 people arrested in drug trafficking investigation

by Lorraine Williamson
49 arrested

CADIZ – As part of Operation Baree, the Guardia Civil has arrested 49 members of a criminal organisation. They brought large amounts of hashish to the coast of Cádiz via the Guadalquivir River.

The investigation which began in December 2021, has recovered over 14 tons of hashish. At that time, it was known that a criminal organisation was bringing hashish using boats along the Guadalquivir River. Several people were highlighted as already having extensive drug trafficking records. Furthermore, the investigation revealed the group was headed up by two known drug traffickers who took numerous security measures to avoid police action.

Structured organisation

The criminal organisation went about their “business” in a structured way. They had a group in charge of the logistics providing the boats. And someone else who organised the loading, fuel, and food.

The gang also had their own security. It was their job to notify the other members in the event of any policy activity. But also, to prevent other criminal organisations from stealing their hashish. Consequently, they were heavily armed.

Using powerful semi-rigid boats, panelable boats, as well as fishing or recreational boats, the organisation travelled along the coast of Sanlúcar and the Guadalquivir River.

The gang members were very familiar with the area. And as such, were able to identify areas to stash the hashish. Consequently, this made capture more difficult.

Cogesa Expats

Searches, seized, and 49 arrested

However, with the information gathered during Operation Baree, the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Sanlúcar de Barrameda authorised the searches.

This resulted in 37 searches in the Cadiz towns of Sanlúcar, Chipiona, Trebujena and in the Village of El Rocío de Huelva.

This concluded with 49 people being arrested. Furthermore, the following was seized;

  • 14,380 kilos of hashish
  • short and long firearms
  • abundant ammunition
  • police material
  • a tri-motor semi-rigid boat
  • fuel bottles
  • documentation
  • mobile phones

This organisation was currently the most active, even transporting up to 20 tons of hashish from Morocco to the peninsula in one month.

Operation collaboration

400 civil guards from OCON-SUR, CRAIN, GAR, ARS, Maritime and Air Service and the Commands of Cádiz, Seville, Huelva and Málaga have participated in the operation.

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