“Blue Waters and Incredible Food”: The Sun Recommends this Spanish City

by Lorraine Williamson
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MADRID – Spain continues to captivate British tourists as one of their favourite holiday destinations. Every year, they flock to the cities of Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and various archipelagos in search of sun and delectable cuisine.  

However, this time, the renowned British newspaper, The Sun, sought to unveil a new destination to its readers. Enter the Andalucian city of Cádiz, described by the publication as a Spanish city “without the crowds, boasting sandy beaches, blue waters, and amazing food.” 

For four days, journalist Hope Botheron immersed herself in the sights and sounds of Cádiz, exploring a side of Spain that differs from the more clichéd Costa del Sol. Botheron indulged in typical local dishes such as a seafood platter, roasted octopus, and even salmorejo, while also visiting iconic landmarks including the Cathedral, Callejón del Goblin (the most narrow street in the de city), and the Roman amphitheatre. 

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‘Connected to authentic Spanish life’ 

In her report, Botheron encourages readers to venture beyond Cádiz and embark on tours to explore lesser-known towns in Andalucia, ensuring they “get the most out of it.” Towns such as Vejer de la Frontera and Conil de la Frontera are highlighted as must-visit destinations along this enchanting route. The British journalist concludes her experience in Cádiz, stating that she left the city “feeling more relaxed, revitalised, and deeply connected to authentic Spanish life.” 

With its combination of stunning coastal landscapes, vibrant culinary scene, and hidden gems awaiting discovery, Cádiz is a new gem in the Spanish travel crown that British tourists should not overlook. The Sun’s recommendation opens the door to a unique and memorable Spanish adventure, promising British travellers an experience that will leave them yearning for more. 

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