Only 1 Spanish destination in Vogue list of trendy destinations in 2023

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga is one of the Vogue top 12 destinations

MALAGA – The American fashion magazine Vogue has drawn up a list of 12 trendy destinations that will be popular among tourists in 2023. There is only one location in Spain on that list. 

The chosen Spanish destination by Vogue is Malaga. According to the magazine, a real ‘cultural renaissance’ has been going on there in the last 10 years. Several new museums have opened, the most notable example being the Centre Pompidou. Just like its big brother in Paris, this museum is distinguished by striking architecture (it is a kind of coloured glass house) and by an appealing collection of modern art. 

The ubiquitous street art in Málaga, with colourful murals that sometimes cover entire neighbourhoods, also receives a separate mention. Málaga is therefore the city that has been most frequently visited on Airbnb for a trip in 2023. 

In 2023 people will choose for distant travel again 

What is particularly striking about the other 11 locations in the list of trendy destinations is that making long journeys (for Westerners) will become popular again in 2023. Guatemala, Japan and Singapore are on the list, for example. And the locations are not only far, but sometimes quite remote. What about holiday destinations such as the North Pole (at least Iceland and Greenland), Chilean Patagonia and the island of Benguerra (Mozambique)? Apparently many people like a little lockdown on holiday. 

Those who want to stay a little bit closer to Málaga could also visit the Douro Valley in Portugal. Edinburgh (Scotland), Yukon (Canada), Basilicata (Italy) and Rome complete the list. 

Spaniards prefer to go to Alicante 

Among Spaniards themselves, Málaga takes second place as a holiday destination for 2023, just behind Alicante. At least, according to the search results on Airbnb. And what is the most searched foreign destination on that website in 2023 among Spaniards? You guessed it: Amsterdam. Time to pack your bags. 

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