How much does the Spanish holidaymaker spend on holidays

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish holidaymakers

In times of financial uncertainty and high inflation, budgets are perhaps more important than ever. It is therefore interesting to see how high the holiday budget of the average Spaniard is and what they spend their money on during the holiday. 

This summer, Spaniards spend an average of €625 per person on their holiday. That is €15 more than last year. Although there is an upward trend in the proposed budgets, this budget is considerably lower than the more than €700 per person that Spaniards had to spend in 2019, before the pandemic. These conclusions and figures were presented today by the National Observatory of Tourism (ObservaTUR). In the latest report, the agency shows how the Spaniards plan to spend their holiday money. 

Significant differences per target group 

One of the conclusions is that men apparently have a higher budget than women during the holidays. For example, Spanish men plan to spend an average of €717 on their holiday, while women from Spain stick to an average of €518. The average expenditure among young people is slightly lower, at an average of €493 per person. People over 65 have more to spend and keep their holiday budget at €798 per person. 

How is the money spent during the holidays? 

The distribution of the holiday budget is almost the same as in 2022: Spaniards spend about 34% of the budget on accommodation, 25% is spent in restaurants and 20% on transport. The remaining 20% is spent on activities at the holiday destination and shopping. 

Cogesa Expats

Spanish holidaymakers are in great need of flexibility since the pandemic 

ObservaTUR’s research is based on interviewing more than 5,000 travel agents and more than 1,200 travellers. Many respondents almost unanimously indicate that they attach great importance to a degree of flexibility of the trip and the associated cancellation conditions. Since the pandemic, travellers are much more concerned with this than before. 

Borrow for your holiday? 

Finally, the agency was curious about how Spaniards view taking out a loan to go on holiday. Nine out of ten travellers indicate they do not want to use financing to pay for a holiday. Of the small number who do want to make use of this, the percentage is slightly higher among men than among women and more young people than adults are also interested in this. 

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