More fires and more evacuations in Andalucia

by Lorraine Williamson
fires and evacuations

ANDALUCIA – As the hot weather rages on, the wild fires continue and there are more evacuations of people from their homes. Just this afternoon, at least 4 fires have ignited in Andalucia according to INFOCA (Forest Fire Extinction Service of #Andalucía). Many others have also been brought under control or extinguished.

La Cala de Mijas fire and evacuations

People have been evacuated from the Majadilla del Muerto – La Roza area of La Cala de Mijas after a fire was declared at around 3.30 pm this afternoon. This area is very close to the ACE animal shelter. There have also been images on social media of a terrace catching fire in the nearby Vitania apartment complex.

Footage shared by Bill Anderson, Councillor on Mijas Council on social media.


Attempting to stabilise

Firefighters are working hard to stabilise the area, and currently have 6 aircraft fighting from above;

  • 2 ground load planes
  • 1 medium helicopter
  • 1 light heavy helicopter
  • 1 Super Puma helicopter
  • 1 Kamov helicopter

On the ground, there are 90 forest firefighters, 4 operations technicians, 3 environmental agents, 1 extinction technician and 5 fire trucks.

fire and evacuation


The firefighters are continuing to control the blaze in #IFBenahavís, in the Rio Guadalmina area. To this end, the following are working to stabilise the fire.

Cogesa Expats
  • 1 Super Puma
  • 1 GREMAF
  • 2 BRICA (22 forest firefighters)
  • 1 operations technician
  • 1 environment agent
  • 1 regional command team (GREMAF)


The fire in #IFEstepona, is located near to the Estepona industrial estate.

more fires
In the air there are:
  • 1 Super Puma helicopter
  • 1 Light Heavy helicopter
  • 1 Command helicopter
  • 2 planes @mitecogob
And on the land, there are;
  • 45 forest firefighters
  • 2 operations technicians
  • 2 environmental agents
  • 1 fire truck


Almonte, Huelva

A forest fire was declared at around 4.00 pm yesterday in the ‘El Corchito’ area of ​​Bonares (Huelva), and has reached the municipalities of Rociana and Almonte. The respective mayors proceeded to activate the municipal emergency plans (PEMA).

fire evacuations

In this way, the mayor of Rociana del Condado, Diego Pichardo, activated it shortly before 7.30 pm; while her opposite number in Almonte, Rocío del Mar Castellano, did the same.

Flying are a total of 9 aircraft. This is comprised of the following;
  • 2 ground load planes
  • 2 Light helicopters
  • 1 Light Heavy
  • 1 Super Puma
  • 2 Kamov helicopters
  • 1 coordination plane

While on the land, there are 70 forest firefighters, 4 #TOP and 3 #AAMM , 1 Deputy Director, 1 #UMIF , 1 #UMMT and 4 fire trucks.

Fire risk map


European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)

Fire news is an app that collects, geo-locates and stores in a database fire news published in the internet in all the EU and other languages, allowing the user to filter the news on the basis of geographical scope, keywords, etc.

Here is a map from EFFIS of fire risk areas in Europe at the moment. Much of Spain is purple and dark purple which mean extreme danger, and very extreme danger.

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