Spain deploys endangered species to fight forest fires

by Lorraine Williamson
endangered species

Fight one environmental problem by solving another. This is the recipe that will be applied in Spain to tackle a problem that repeats itself every year. And, that will continue to increase due to the drought. However, a step-by-step plan with the endangered species should help.

The roadmap includes the reintroduction of an endangered species into key Spanish ecosystems, particularly in Ciudad Real, Palencia and Jaén. An animal that was on the verge of disappearing and that has been living on earth with humans for no less than 10,000 years. It is the European bison (Bison bonasus). It is part of a reintroduction program to bring this noble animal back to the pastures of the provinces mentioned above.

There are already dozens of European bison on Spanish farms. These include Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real), San Cebrián de Mudá (Palencia) and the Sierra de Andújar (Jaén). In addition to the return of the bison, the project has another objective. It also includes the fight against forest fires. This is because bison contribute to clearing vegetation that ignites the flames in the event of fires.

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Bison of value at high risk of wildfires

Fernando Morán, director in Spain of the European Centre for the Conservation of the Endangered Species, described the bison in statements as a “walking macro-caretaker. He can do what eight or nine goats can do.” In doing so, he indicated that “in Spain, with a high risk of forest fires and with the gradual abandonment of extensive livestock farming, it is a very interesting species”.

Wood and shrubs converted into fertiliser

The expert also points out that the European bison “eats wood and scrub and converts it into fertiliser. It breathes new life into the country. Wood, leaves, branches, and acorns make up 30% of their diet. Grass the remaining 70%”. Within the project, they are looking for more farms “that meet a number of requirements. For example, the animal must be able to live in a natural way and develop its biological processes. And then without having the feeling that it is in an enclosed space”.

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