Seven forest fires in Cantabria, one in Picos de Europa Natural Park

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forest fires

The persistent dry weather is causing problems in Cantabria early in the year. The autonomous region had seven forest fires as of 1.00 pm on Thursday. Five of them were still active at that time. The other two are now under control.

One of the forest fires was in Picos de Europa Natural Park, a popular hiking area on the border of Cantabria and Asturias. The fire brigade has now got this fire under control. Just like the fire in Sierra-Cubillas (Ruesga). The five still active fires are in the areas:

  • Peña Pelada and Cueto Calgar (Liérganes)
  • San Vicente del Monte (Valdáliga)
  • Mirones (Miera)
  • Cosio (Rionansa)

Fire in Picos de Europa now extinguished

The fire brigade is doing everything it can to fight the other fires. There are currently three active fires in the Pisueña-Miera region. Extinguishing is made more difficult because some areas are difficult to reach. The fire in Cosío (Rionansa) has flared up again. A team has been deployed to intervene. The fire in San Vicente del Monte (Valdáliga) is under observation. One of the fires, which has since been extinguished, was in Brez (Camaleño) in the Picos de Europa Natural Park, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area.

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High to extremely high risk of fires in parts of Cantabria

The forecasts of the Spanish weather institute AEMET are unfavourable for the area. According to the service, the wind will change and a storm may be on the way. In combination with the very high temperatures, the risk of fires is therefore high. In particular, the Pisueña region, the central coastal region of Cantabria, Potes in the Picos de Europa, Nansa and eastern Liébana must take into account a high to extremely high risk of fires.

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