Netflix will portray the life of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias

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Julio Iglesias

Netflix has signed a ‘historic deal’ with Julio Iglesias. The streaming platform will portray the life of the Spanish singer. In an autobiographical production, Iglesias talks about his life and great musical career.

Julio Iglesias (1943) is one of the best-known and best-selling Spanish artists in the world. The successful singer, who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Spain in 1970, scored hits with, among others, ‘Un canto a Galicia’ and ‘Quereme mucho’. He was also once a promising football talent at Real Madrid and completed a law degree. It is therefore not surprising that Netflix will release a production about the versatile life of Iglesias.

Among the five best-selling artists of all time

The production is currently in development and will tell the story of how Julio Iglesias became the first non-Anglo-Saxon artist to conquer the American and Asian markets. The documentary will also show how the singer became a world star, who is one of the five best-selling artists of all time.

Songs sung worldwide

During his career spanning more than 55 years, Julio Iglesias has recorded and performed songs in 12 languages. He connected fans around the world and became the first Spanish artist whose songs were sung worldwide. The singer has said that he consciously chooses Netflix and calls the international streaming platform the ideal company for this project. Moreover, Iglesias says he is grateful for all the people, from so many countries, who have supported and inspired him in his life.

Unknown side of Julio Iglesias

Netflix offers the viewer the opportunity to look beyond the spotlights, the media and the gold records in the life of the Spanish artist. The streaming service showcases an exceptional person who has accompanied many generations musically. The story of Julio Iglesias has several unexpected twists. He played in the youth teams of Real Madrid and completed a law degree. However, an accident brought an early end to his promising football career. A few years later he became one of the greatest artists in the history of contemporary music.

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Most Popular Foreign Artist in China

In the 1970s, Julio Iglesias broke through as an artist in many countries. However, it was not until the 1980s that he broke all records. He reached the five continents with his music. Moreover, he became the most popular foreign artist in China. Furthermore, Iglesias has won many awards that are only reserved for the true greats in the history of contemporary music.

Shared stage with world stars such as Aznavour and Sinatra

The Spaniard was the creator of a unique style that has made him a living legend of music. He managed to reach millions of fans all over the world. In the meantime, he shared the stage with all kinds of other internationally successful artists. Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Sting, Dolly Parton, Placido Domingo, Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday, among others, accompanied the singer.

In the Netflix production, Iglesias will open up about his life for the first time, he has stated. It is not yet known when the singer’s life story will be shown on Netflix.

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