Amazon begins reforestation of burned Sierra Bermeja

by Lorraine Williamson

ESTEPONA – Amazon will plant more than 90,000 trees in a 500-hectare area in Sierra Bermeja (Costa del Sol) that was destroyed by fire two years ago. 

The company will use drones and the Japanese method of “Nendo Dango” for this. This is a technique in which seeds are rolled into a ball of clay and compost. These “seed bombs” can then simply be thrown on the ground and will disintegrate in the rain and wind. This is how the seeds end up in the soil and where they can grow. 

Hundreds of volunteers participate 

The project begins with the planting of 11,400 seeds in the Los Pedregales area of Estepona. This will involve hundreds of volunteers. In addition to this project, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, together with Amazon, launched the Green Helmets educational initiative. This is aimed at teaching young Spaniards to develop and implement sustainability projects that contribute to the restoration and protection of nature. 

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Starting point 

CIFAL Málaga-UNITAR, the United Nations International Training Centre for Local Authorities and Leaders welcomes the project. It sees it as the starting point for thousands of conservation and restoration projects. Moreover, this will then have a tangible and lasting impact on the planet. 

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Green Helmets 

The Green Helmets initiative involves the selection and funding of 10 micro-projects in the Andalucia region over the next 12 months. The funding from Amazon will contribute to the implementation of the major reforestation project in Sierra Bermeja. 

Zak Watts, Amazon’s European director of sustainability, explains: “By partnering with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, we are investing in future generations, empowering young people to become active agents with skills that can help address the climate crisis and thus create a better future for all of us”. 

More projects from Amazon 

In September 2021, Amazon announced that it would invest €20 million from its $100 million Right Now Climate Fund in nature projects across Europe. The company is also working to reduce its carbon emissions. Furthermore, it is a co-founder and first signatory of The Climate Pledge. This is a commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. 

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