Seville wants to stop tourist apartments in the most emblematic district

by Lorraine Williamson
tourist apartments in Seville

SEVILLE – The municipality of Seville proposes a moratorium on tourist apartments in the most characteristic area of the city: “No more permits”. 

Antonio Muñoz, the current Social Democratic mayor of Seville, has set himself a target in case of renewal of his mandate in the Seville City Council. Then he will apply a moratorium on tourist apartments in the most emblematic district of the city: Santa Cruz. 

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Diario de Sevilla writes that Muñoz go one step further after tightening the regulation of housing for tourist use. He also wants “no more permits” to be issued for the establishment of tourist homes and apartments in the centrally located district. 

During a conversation, the mayor stressed that in the above-mentioned district, where many-visited monuments such as the cathedral or the Real Alcázar are located, “there is a bottomless mismatch” between apartments for residents and for tourists. The politician did point out that he is not “demonising” tourist activities, but believes that “it’s time to put some brakes on”. 

The concrete measure he proposes is a system that is comparable to the so-called Acoustically Saturated Zones (ZAS). This will prevent more bars and entertainment venues from opening in areas with noise nuisance. 

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Santa Cruz is the most saturated area of the city 

A study by hotel organisation Exceltur found that the increasing number of tourist accommodations in the Santa Cruz district has led to a decline in the area’s population. The functionality as a service zone for residents has also been greatly reduced. Six of the ten apartmentss in Santa Cruz are now rented to tourists. This has contributed to making access to affordable housing difficult for residents and increasing the cost of living. 

In addition, the pressure of tourism in this area has led to a decrease in the quality of life of the local population. Residents report noise nuisance and increased insecurity in their buildings. Other neighbourhoods in the city that are most saturated with tourists are la Alfalfa, el Arenal and San Bartolomé. 

Barrio Santa Cruz 

The originally Jewish quarter in the historic centre of the city, in addition to its beautiful architecture and charming ambience, is home to many historical sights and attractions, including the Seville Cathedral, the Alcázar of Seville and the Plaza de España. There are also many popular restaurants, bars and cafes nearby, where visitors can enjoy local food and drinks. 

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