These two Spanish cities are in the top 10 of the most luxurious cities in Europe

by Lorraine Williamson
luxurious cities include Madrid

The vacation rental portal, Holidu, has researched the most luxurious cities in Europe. And has drawn up a ranking. A Spanish city has finished in the top five. There are almost 900 beauty salons and 27 Michelin restaurants. Another Spanish city made it into the top 10, finishing in seventh place.

Many cities, not only in Europe, have their own specific streets where luxury is concentrated. There is Fifth Avenue in New York, Via Condotti in Rome, Bond Street in London or Ginza in Tokyo. But beyond these streets, where luxury brands from different sectors such as jewellery or fashion are concentrated, there are other indicators that elevate the luxury of cities. For example, car dealerships, Michelin-starred restaurants, and beauty salons.

Spanish cities at number 4 and number 7

Among the ten most luxurious cities in Europe, there are two Spanish cities. But only one of them is in the top 5. In fourth place is Madrid.

“The Spanish capital offers streets full of luxury items that fascinate fashion lovers and trend followers alike,” Holidu emphasises. And, more than a specific street, they highlight the importance of the Salamanca neighbourhood, known worldwide as the “Golden Mile”.

And if you want to regain your strength after shopping, you can indulge in the 27 Michelin restaurants. Beauty lovers can pamper themselves in almost 900 beauty salons. The other Spanish city that is among the top ten most luxurious in Europe is Barcelona. The Catalan city finishes in 7th place. Further away from the top positions are, in this order, Valencia, Seville, Málaga and Zaragoza.

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Which city is the fanciest city in Europe?

The gold medal goes to Paris, which stands out for its “timeless elegance”. In addition, it is the luxury destination par excellence, as it is the only one that has achieved the maximum score. “The city of love stands out not only for its large dose of romance, but also for having the highest concentration of Michelin restaurants per capita. They offer unique and incomparable culinary experiences,” the portal said. There are 118 Michelin restaurants, nine of which have three stars and 15 have two. It also has 33 luxury fashion boutiques, 16 Rolex stores, and 513 beauty salons.

After Paris, the silver goes to London: “It impresses with exclusive dealers of luxury brands and no less than 73 Michelin top restaurants, including five three-star and twelve two-star restaurants”. Furthermore, there are 1,005 beauty salons, twelve Chanel stores and four Dior and Gucci stores.

And bronze goes to Amsterdam, which is described as the “capital of discreet luxury”. A total of 32 Michelin restaurants spoil gourmets. In addition, there are no less than six Rolex stores and a Lamborghini dealership.

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