The best restaurant of 2021 according to Spaniards

by Lorraine Williamson
Can Jubany - best restaurant in Spain - screen grab from official Instagram

Restaurant platform The Fork has published an overview of restaurants in Spain that received the most reservations and the best reviews in the past year. Furthermore, with 26 restaurants in the top 100, the Catalonia region stands out remarkably well.i

Of these 26, no fewer than 20 restaurants are located in the province of Barcelona. Furthermore, 16 of the top 100 restaurants can be found in the Madrid area, 9 in Valencia and also 9 in the Basque Country. Therefore, to compile the list, The Fork looked at guest ratings the restaurants received, the reviews left on the website throughout the year, the number of visitors to the website, and the number of reservations. 

Can Jubany number one

Consequently, the 2021 winner is Can Jubany restaurant in Calldetenes in the province of Barcelona. Chef Nandu Jabany serves dishes in his restaurant according to avant-garde cooking, a movement that became big in Spain in the 80s and 90s of the last century. Furthermore, Spain’s best-known chef Ferran Adriàn has made a significant contribution to the spread of avant-garde cooking in Spain. 

Moreover, traditional ingredients and preparation methods made way for high-quality cooking techniques with innovative ingredients. Therefore, the appearance of the dishes and a surprising taste experience was assigned a major role in this trend. Furthermore, Chef Nandu Jubany has won the well-known Michelin star for his avant-garde cooking. Jubany uses fair-trade products from the land for its dishes and bases its dishes on traditional recipes from the region. 

Cogesa Expats

The number one position on The Fork’s top 100 came as a big surprise to Jubany and his team. “This gives us the strength to continue and not to disappoint our guests. We are extremely grateful,” said the chef. 

Second to fifth places

The number 2 is La Casona del Judío in Santander by chef Sergio Bastard. He also opts for modern and innovative dishes that have their origin in traditional cuisine. Bastard has also already earned a Michelin star. And, at number 3 is Venta Moncalvillo of the Echapresto brothers, in Daroca de Rioja. Numbers 4 and 5 are respectively Cenador de Amós by chef Jesús Sánchez in Villaverde de Pontones (Cantabria) and l’Ó hotel Món Sant Benet in Sant Fruitos de Bages (Barcelona), also awarded a Michelin star. . 

Top 20 best restaurants

Below is an overview of the other restaurants that still fall within the top 20 in order from 6th place: 

  •  CocinaHermanos Torres, Barcelona 
  • RaulResino, Benicarló (Castellón) 
  • Quimbayaby Edwin Rodriguez, Madrid
  • Nova,Orense
  • La Costa de Jose Alvarez, ElEjido(Almeria) 
  • Muna,Ponferrada (Leon) 
  • TabernaLopez, Segovia 
  • Maralba,ALmansa (Albacete) 
  • Baga,Jaen
  • ElDoncelde Enrique Perez, Sigüenza (Guadalajara)
  • ElTormo, Madrid
  • CasaMarcial de Nacho Manzano, Arriondas (Asturias) 
  • Augae Sal, Santiago de Compostela 
  • Kuoco360 Food, Madrid 
  • Liezo, Valencia

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