Wild Fires update

by Lorraine Williamson
Andalucia fires update

ANDALUCIA FIRES UPDATE – The #IFMijas fire has been stabilised at 9.21 pm according to a Tweet from INFOCA. However, the firefighters are continuing to work to get it fully under control. Although it is not under control yet, it is evolving favourably and does not present any active fronts which would therefore allow it to advance freely.

When the fire moves from stabilised to controlled, this then means that the perimeter of the fire is surrounded by a control line. This line would be a strip of land without any vegetation. Or at least vegetation that has already been burned. However, in this, there could still be some hot spots remaining. Once the fire is under control, the firefighters then work to extinguish it. At this point, the firefighters would confirm that the fire is out and there is no possibility of it rekindling.


As at 11.10 pm, the update on the #IFBenahavis fire is now considered to be under control.  Therefore, firefighters are now aiming for it to be extinquished.


So far, the evolution of this fire is looking favourable with regard to the vegetation in the area. However, it is still not stabilised, and, as such, the firefighters continue to work on.

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Later today, there were two 2 reactivations (one in #IFBonares and another in #IFAlmonte). These happened during the most critical hours of the day due to the heat. As a result, more than 100 professionals have been deployed, as well 7 heavy firefighting vehicles and 9 aerial means.

New fire in San Roque

This evening, yet another fire has started. This time, with the hashtag #IFSanRoque, #Cádiz. It is in the “Sierra Arca” area. Currently, there are  34 Forest firefighters, 1 Environment Agent, and 3 fire engines.

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