Marbella 4 Days Walking: Ultimate mix of walking, partying, and doing good

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella 4 days walking

MARBELLA – From October 5 to 8, Marbella will transform into a paradise for walkers and party-goers during the Marbella 4 Days Walking. The twelfth edition of this festival kicks off with a dazzling White Party on October 4 at 8.00 pm. 

For 12 years, thousands of walkers from around the world have come to Marbella in October to combine walking with much social conviviality. Discover what’s new this year and why this unique event is indispensable for anyone who loves walking and socialising. 

Walking with variation 

Every day you can choose from three different routes of 10, 20, and 30 kilometres. After completing the route, you can let loose with live music and shows in the Walking Village, located at the Plaza del Mar. From 1.00 pm to 8.00 pm, the after-parties start and it’s one big celebration here. 

Marbella 4 days walking

New: Cudeca Charity Walk 

This year, the event comes with a special addition: the Cudeca Charity Walk of 5 km. Cudeca* has been involved in Spain’s largest walking event for years, but this year the organisation gets its own route. Register via the official website and with a minimum donation of €10, you directly support this good cause. 

Arabella M. Wessels, director of Marbella 4 Days Walking, explains: “We have always worked with Cudeca; they’ve had a booth in the Walking Village for years, and during the registration process, walkers can donate money. This year we wanted to do something different, so we created a Cudeca route of 5 km. It’s a shorter M4DW route so everyone can participate. You must register for this walk on our website and the donation, at least €10, goes directly to Cudeca’s bank account.” 

Participants who have registered for the other routes or cannot or do not wish to walk can also help Cudeca with a donation on the same webpage. The charity will be present on Wednesday and Saturday in the Walking Village, so people can pick up their unique Cudeca t-shirt* and login information. (*max. 1,000 t-shirts available). 

Challenge Roca Route Specially for Experienced Walkers 

Are you looking for more adventure? Then the 22 km long Challenge Roca Route is for you. This challenging route takes you through rugged natural areas and requires good balance or a sturdy rope to hold on to at some points. This route takes you past the breathtaking landscapes north of Marbella and south of the charming village of Ojén. You can register via this link. 

Temporary Food and Drink Stalls 

The Walking Village offers more than just music and dance. There are numerous food and drink stalls where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious snack after your walk. So, whether you are an avid walker, a party animal, or both, Marbella 4 Days Walking has everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it! 

Sign Up! 

Do you want to participate in the Marbella 4 Days Walking? Register now via the official website. 

*Cudeca is a charity organisation often associated with palliative care services, primarily in the region of Málaga, Spain. They provide specialised care and support for patients with advanced and terminal illnesses, as well as assistance for their families. The aim is to improve the quality of life for those dealing with life-limiting conditions. 

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