Man arrested for photographing young women on Malaga beach

by Lorraine Williamson
photographed on Malaga beach

MALAGA – A sneaky photographer was arrested in Málaga on Wednesday for photographing young women on a beach without permission who decided to take a night dive into the sea in their underwear and topless. 

The 35-year-old Frenchman took the photos in the early hours of Wednesday morning on the city beach of La Malagueta. After a night out in the bars of the centre of Málaga, the young women decided to end their evening with a dip in the sea and capture the moment with a memory photo. 

While doing this, one of the women noticed that a man was secretly photographing them. When they confronted him and asked to see the photos, he denied it at first. However, during the confrontation, a Messenger notification from a suspect’s friend appeared on his phone about sending an image of one of the women. 

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Crime against privacy 

Subsequently, the women decided to call the police who quickly arrived. After questioning the young women and the man, the latter was arrested on suspicion of a crime against privacy. Furthermore, his mobile phone was seized for further investigation. The young women were also taken to the police station to file a complaint and make a statement. 

An earlier similar incident at Málaga airport 

That night it was already the second incident of a similar nature in Málaga. The first incident took place in the departure hall of Málaga Airport. A Hispanic woman about to take a flight noticed something above her head while using the lady’s room. When she looked up, she saw a hand holding a mobile phone from an adjacent cubicle. The woman quickly exited the restroom and confronted a 27-year-old Italian man who emerged from the next-door cubicle. A struggle ensued between the two, with the woman attempting to grab the phone to hand it over to the police. The Italian is now being investigated on suspicion of revealing private secrets. 

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