Madrid launches plan to be the European reference for United States ‘premium’ tourism

by Lorraine Williamson
United States tourism to Spain

MADRID – The city of Madrid has set its target on tourism from the United States. The Spanish capital has already launched its promotional offensive to make itself visible in this market and become its benchmark European destination.  

The objective is to attract, above all, the luxury and MICE segments. As Invertia points out, in line with its new strategic tourism plan and taking advantage of Iberia’s commitment to new routes from the United States, the capital will redouble its efforts to attract American tourists. Moreover, they are considered premium due to their higher spending at the destination. 

Main source of foreign tourism in Madrid

For over a decade, the North American country has established itself as the main source of foreign tourism in Madrid. In 2019, the capital registered the arrival of more than 800,000 Americans. This was according to data from the survey of tourist movements at borders, FRONTUR. In addition, the expenditure made at the destination is higher than average. According to the tourist spending survey, EGATUR, in 2021 American travellers spent an average of €1,868 per person, well above the €1,200 of the average for international tourism. 

Immersed in the American race 

Currently, several Spanish destinations are immersed in the race to attract tourism from the United States. Madrid currently has new routes from the following airports;

  • Dallas (Texas)
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco (California)

Meanwhile, Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and Tenerife (Canary Islands) will launch this summer connections with the capital, New York.

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