Interest of Americans in Madrid is increasing

by Lorraine Williamson
Americans enjoy Madrid

MADRID – The trend was already visible before the outbreak of the corona pandemic: the increasing interest in the region and city of Madrid by American tourists. More than 100,000 Americans visited the Spanish capital this year alone. 

According to the Madrid Ministry of Culture, the intention of Americans to travel to the Spanish capital has grown from 20% to 65%. This was measured with artificial intelligence tools that track trends in the US market. 

Shopping tourism

By 2021, Madrid has already received more than 100,000 tourists from the US. Now, as explained by Minister Marta Rivera de la Cruz, the Madrid City Council wants to further strengthen this trend through promotional actions in the US market. The next promotional campaign is planned for November. The month of shopping tourism. By 2022, promotional activities will be conducted in North America together with Turespaña. 

Cogesa Expats

According to Rivera de la Cruz, this tourist prepares his trip well in advance, at least six months in advance. “This allows us to anticipate what will happen. Americans are also tourists who spend a lot of money and a lot of time in one place.” 

It should be noted that Madrid received 10.4 million visitors from abroad in 2019. The main international country of origin was the United States. At the same time, this country was also the market that showed the highest growth. 

Campaign targeting national tourists 

In addition to campaigns aimed at the American market, the municipality is also preparing a major promotional campaign aimed at the national market to encourage cultural visits to the Madrid region. It emphasises the different tourist areas and towns, with an emphasis on the different villages and municipalities. Including villages in Madrid such as Buitrago de Lozoya, Chinchón, and Cólmenar de Oreja. Or World Heritage cities in the area such as Segovia, Ávila, Salamanca, and Cuenca. 

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