‘Lady Chanel’ Marbella lives on despite nearby corruption scandals

by Lorraine Williamson
Lady Chanel

MARBELLA – Ángeles Muños, once baptized ‘Lady Chanel’ by a journalist, continues her political and social life in all normality, despite the scandals that surround this mayor of Marbella for the Partido Popular. 

Muñoz is also a PP senator in the Spanish parliament. And on Friday, she was again nominated as a mayoral candidate in the next municipal elections by the Andalucian president and fellow PP member Juanma Moreno. This is despite the spiral of controversy and corruption involving her immediate family members. 

Her husband, Lars Broberg, is facing charges of drug trafficking, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organisation. Furthermore, her stepson, Joakim Broberg, boasted in a phone conversation that he had “all the damn Andalucia” in his pocket. In addition, the Broberg’s received tips from the city’s senior judicial and police circles that they knew their phones were being tapped. They then used secured mobile phone numbers registered in Estonia. 

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ElPlural.com recently reported on “Lady Chanel’s” updated net worth. In this, she stated capital of €12 million. This figure is difficult to justify considering she retired from her practice as a general practitioner in 1994. And, furthermore, she does not receive a salary as mayor because she is a senator. 

Lady Chanel and her very high living standards full of luxury 

On the other hand, the mayor of Marbella is active on social networks. Her followers can see how she exhibits garments and accessories from haute couture brands such as (among other flashy garments):

Cogesa Expats
  • Gucci belt with a value between €1,000 and €1,250
  • Michael Kors handbag estimated at €600
  • Ferragamo belt with a price of €750

At the same time, ElPlural.com also published an article with images distributed by relatives of the mayor of ‘El Paraíso’, a spectacular house overlooking the sea on the Costa del Sol. This shows a huge swimming pool in which someone is having fun on a jet ski. It also shows parked racing cars. 

In total, the mayor of Marbella claims full ownership of four houses (2 in Malaga, 1 in Madrid and another in Sweden). She also has an office in the capital of the Costa del Sol. In addition, she owns another house and shares 2 industrial warehouses, a plot and a mooring place in a marina. However, there are only €4,000 in her checking account. ElPlural.com says it has had exclusive access to the statement of assets held by the mayor of Marbella for this information. 

“Gangsters from all over the world” 

El Plural contacted journalist Raúl del Pozo for the article. He is an expert on the Marbella jet set and the original creator of the aforementioned Lady Chanel nickname. Del Pozo says that Marbella is a city “frequented by gangsters from all over the world”. On the other hand, he also emphasised that the mayor of Marbella is very accessible and that when asked about her wardrobe in a personal interview, she assured that her clothes were from Chanel. She emphasised the authenticity and value of the items. 

The PP defends its mayor 

As the justice system is weaving the web around Muñoz and her close ones, the PP continues to defend their fellow party member. At a press conference in parliament last Wednesday, the PP’s secretary general, Cuca Gamarra, stated: “The mayor of Marbella has given her explanations to the PP of Andalucia and they have been considered sufficient.” 

Elias Bendodo, the general coordinator of the PP, also assured on Wednesday that “nothing indicates” that Angeles Muñoz would not run for mayor again in the May 2023 municipal elections. In his opinion, other parties are trying to blacken her. 

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