Mayor Marbella’s stepson helped beach bar with bunker under sand

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella mayor stepson

MARBELLA – New police recordings intercepted by El Plural newspaper reveal more about the corruption case that haunts Mayor Angeles Muñoz of Marbella and Andalucia’s PP. One of the protagonists in it is her stepson Joakim Broberg. 

More and more incriminating information is coming out about him. In particular how he uses his family ties with the city hall to do business. It now appears that there are also shadowy cases involving the chiringuito of a Russian business partner and owner of a beach bar (chiringuito) in the municipality. 

Although it may seem unbelievable, there are beach bars in Marbella under which invisible “authentic bunkers” have been built. They are large concrete cellars, dug deep into the sand, which are used as ‘warehouses’. Moreover, their use goes completely unnoticed as they are totally hidden from view. 

One of those ‘chiringuitos’ had problems with Marbella Town Hall in 2019. Joakim Broberg is the stepson of Ángeles ‘Aunt’ Múñoz, the mayor of Marbella. Furthermore, he is on trial for membership in a “criminal organisation” and mediated with the municipality to solve these problems for the beach bar. 

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That’s according to conversations intercepted by the police’s Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) and revealed by The beach bar in question is owned by Oleg Gurkov. Furthermore, this Russian businessman has been arrested for money laundering. 

What happens under the beach bars in Marbella? 

According to Salvador Campos, an environmental lawyer associated with Ecologistas and Acción, these are “real bunkers”. He is very critical of this because the concrete cellars damage the sandbanks. While normally ‘chiringuitos’ form temporary structures on the beaches, the construction of these ‘bunkers’ under those temporary buildings have converted the beach bars into permanent structures. 

Damage beaches and increase erosion 

And they are built in the strip called the Maritime Public Domain (DPTM). According to El País, that area enjoys special legal protection because of its natural value. These infrastructures damage the beaches and increase their erosion, according to statements by the government body Demarcation of the Coasts, which for years reported unfavourably to those planning to build them. Nevertheless, this is completely ignored by the Junta de Andalucía, which is responsible for granting these permits. 

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In Marbella, under the PP government, the City Council obtained 25 of these beach bar concessions between 2012 and 2013. The first was the current bar Diblú, managed by Chiringuito Marbella 2000 S.L. and affiliated with the company Olex & partners S.L. According to the police, this is “closely connected” with Oleg Gurkov. This Russian businessman founded the company and was the sole partner and director in the past. 

The tapped phone conversation 

Joakim Broberg (the mayor’s stepson) calls someone from the municipality and tells him that he is with Oleg. He talks about a missing signature on certain papers. The interlocutor replies that it must have a digital signature from the municipality. 

The mayor’s stepson then reports that Oleg has a problem with the 70-metre terrace of “Blue’s in Marbella”. The interlocutor replies that Joakim should send the papers so that he can look at them and let him know about them. Joakim Broberg wants his interlocutor to confirm that he has not seen those papers before. He replies: “I didn’t know about that. Nobody told me anything.” The stepson promises to send the papers. 

Marbella Mayor stepson

Control over “all damn Andalucia” 

As previously revealed in El Plural, the stepson of the mayor of Marbella boasted in other conversations intercepted by police about political control of all of Andalucia. He further lamented the fact that he did not influence Spain because the “damn” [referring to the left-wing government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos] rule the country. 

“We have the Junta de Andalucía, we have Marbella, we have Estepona, we have everything. The city is ours. Actually, we have the whole damn Andalucia (…) But now the Spanish socialists rule (…) Pedro Sánchez is the dumbest president ever to run the country,” said Broberg. 

Also, the stepson of the mayor of Marbella claimed to have the urban plan even before it was approved: “They are from the PP. This has been resolved,” he told business partners, according to information from 

Another relevant conversation conducted by the UDEF under Joakim Broberg says the following about the corruption plot in Marbella: “Micka now has the helicopter service to ship products.” 

Influential family 

Joakim, in one of the conversations revealed by El Plural, also refers to one of his ‘aunt’ Angeles Muñoz’s sisters. That is Estrella Muñoz, who for twenty years has held the position of “assistant manager” with high responsibility in Puerto Banús, the port known as the most exclusive in Spain. 

The husband of another of her sisters, Ana Muñoz, is the historical mobster Felice Cultrera, linked to the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra and linked to the endless scams of the former mayor of Marbella, Jesús Gil. 

The husband of the mayor of Marbella and father of Joakim, Lars Gunnar Sune Broberg, is also being prosecuted for drug trafficking, membership in a criminal organisation and money laundering. 

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