Mayor Marbella gave up 45,000 euros for a mansion worth 12 million

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella mayor mansion

MARBELLA – Pursued by the corruption that her husband and stepson are suspected of, all the cupboards of the mayor of Marbella are now also being aired. Now there is a lot to do about a tax return.

In 2016, the mayor of Marbella gave up less than €45,000 for her mansion, after it had been on the market for €12 million. Spanish media reported this regarding the 2017 Heritage Tax return submitted by Ángeles Muñoz. 

As the owner of the mansion, according to revelations from VozPopuli, a company is registered that the Marbella mayor, who is also a senator and general practitioner, shares with her husband, Lars Broberg. He is being prosecuted for alleged money laundering of drug trafficking, as wrote earlier. Crimes that judge García Castellón also attributes to his son Joakim Broberg. He is said to be one of the leaders of what is considered a Swedish “criminal drug organisation”. 

In the aforementioned tax return, consulted by VozPopuli, Ángeles Muñoz only declared the nearly €45,000 corresponding to the 50% of shares of the company that she owned, not the house itself, which she put up for sale in April 2016 for €12 million. The sale ultimately fell through. In the end, the mayor paid just over €800 when filing the Heritage Tax return. 

VozPopuli points out that Marbella Town Hall itself has published Muñoz’s asset statement for 2016 on its website. Muñoz, who had already acquired the status of senator by then, declared assets and rights of just over one million euros (€1,046,119.47). 

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Sudden update of the statement of assets  

Media November, the newspaper El País published that Angeles Muñoz updated her statement of assets before the Senate after her husband and stepson were prosecuted. A PP alderman then reported that the mayor has gone from 50% ownership of three companies to 100% ownership. She has also done the same with a house in Sweden acquired in 2005 that has become her own. 

In her previous declaration in 2019, she indicated that she only owned half of the property. The senator’s assets and income statement include other data that she did report in 2019. The bottom line, according to, is that the mayor of Marbella has amassed more than €12 million in assets after three decades in politics. 

“How do you, as a general practitioner, come up with a capital of 12 million?” 

La Sexta publishes a video in which reporter Andrea Ropero for the El Intermedia program waits for the mayor of the seaside resort when she arrives at a benefit event in Marbella. Ropero indicates that she has not been able to get an interview. That’s why she’s trying to get some answers this way. 

She doesn’t get answers. She does ask all her pressing questions: “Are you going to donate part of your assets at Christmas? How do you, as a GP, acquire assets of more than €12 million? Do you have any tips for GPs in Spain so that they can also be as successful?” 

The mayor herself has indicated that she will be blackened by the opposition in the run-up to next year’s municipal elections on 28 May. The very popular mayor also pointed out that her husband is out of court. That is partly true, but for health reasons, not because he is no longer under investigation. 

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