Streets like rivers in which furniture floats in Huelva Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
streets like rivers

PROVINCIA DE HUELVA – Almost all of Spain has been confronted with heavy rain showers in recent days. In particular, the rains have caused a lot of damage in the Andalucian province of Huelva. In 24 hours, with the streets like rivers, there has been the same amount of rainfall as is usual for the entire month of December. 

The umbrella is therefore an important item in this last part of the Puente de Diciembre (the December long weekend) in almost the entire country. But especially in the south, the rain has caused damage. Yesterday we already wrote about incidents in the province of Málaga, but also in Huelva, a record amount fell with 80 litres per square metre. 

Streets like rivers

In Aljaraque, for example, residents had to leave their homes in the night. A stream had overflowed and the water ran straight into the houses. The force with which this happened broke doors and windows. As a result, furniture and appliances floated through the flooded streets as they became almost like rivers. 

According to the authorities, the damage is extensive. It is also the second time this year that the same stream has flooded. The fire brigade worked with knee-deep water to get the water out of the houses. 

In the city of Huelva, 70 litres per square metre fell in 24 hours and the streets turned into rivers. In Ayamonte, too, the water flowed swirling between the houses. The same fate befell Chiclana on the coast. The streets in particular in the historic centre were flooded. Strong winds and rain washed away decorative elements on some roundabouts. 

In the 24 rainiest hours of the entire year, Chiclana recorded one-sixth of its precipitation in all of 2022 (427 mm). During the day on Thursday alone, 64 litres per square metre were registered in the city. 

In other parts of Andalucia and Extremadura, 100 litres per square metre have fallen since Monday and more rain is predicted: in the coming days, after the break on Saturday, another 80 litres per square metre could fall. 

The rain doesn’t stop plans 

The rains that cover the peninsula from north to south have not been an obstacle for many to enjoy their long weekend. However, the umbrella was an indispensable element for day-trippers who explored Seville, Santiago de Compostela or Madrid. In Barcelona, too, people enjoyed the Christmas markets which was slightly less busy than usual. 

The third rain front will arrive on Sunday 

Aemet says December’s long weekend concludes with the arrival of a third storm today (Sunday). This, together with the low temperatures, will cause showers in the centre and south of the country and moves across Spain from west to east. 

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