Costa Women for those moving or just moved to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Costa Women

Costa Women was created by Ali Meehan in the year 2010.  It was set up simply to make some friends and settle into life in Spain after travelling the globe for 20 years and working in Australia, the middle East and lastly relocating from Asia. 

Costa Women ten years later 

Now, just over ten years on, Costa Women is free to join.  And is the largest social networking community for women living in or planning to move to Spain.  It is an award winning community with nearly 10,000 members, 38 location based groups and almost 140 different nationalities.  The groups are based all over Spain, the islands and Andorra, with one planned to open soon in Portugal. They help members connect with other women living in the same area, and assist with support, advice, and information. 

Research is key 

From the experiences of thousands of Costa Women members moving to Spain, Ali found that research is the key to success.  She believes that people moving here should be given every opportunity to succeed and warned where they could go wrong. As a result, Ali also heads up SpainExpo. It is an online information portal designed to answer your questions and take the stress out of planning your move.  It informs about residency, schools, property, law, banking, tax, mortgages, building, planning, language and much more through 35+ experts. There are also links to useful books and information. 

In 2015, Costa Women members also started sharing their stories in a series of (now) three eBooks – Spain & Me.  These are available free as a download. 


Business and social events are also a large part of Costa Women.  Members organise these locally and online. There have been over 350 events online since March 2020.  These events provide the opportunity to meet members from other areas of Spain, or connect before they arrive. 

Cogesa Expats

Social get togethers can take many forms, from coffee mornings, lunches to hikes or learning a new hobby.  The business side of things is also extremely popular.  In addition to various networking events, there are links to other major women´s networking groups in the UK and America.  There are also at least two large annual conferences, including the annual International Women´s Day `Make it Happen´ celebrations. 

Costa Women Planner

Recently Ali released the 5th edition of the Costa Women Planner. This planner serves as a part of your journey into 2023; to help you create your best year ever! You can embrace possibility and decide now what you want your 2023 to look like, sound of, the refreshing aroma, its taste and how you want it to touch you as it places you into the vast ocean of possibilities. The Planner contains simple, effective tools to empower you to take charge of your life.  For a sneak peak inside click here.

If you are a woman in Spain, or a Women who is thinking about moving to Spain, you would be given a warm welcome at You can always be assured there are new initiatives, ideas and fun activities taking place within the community.  

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