ITV rates in Spain: a pricey lottery

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ITV rates

MADRID – Spaniards pay a varying amount for the inspection of their vehicle, the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV). The rate they pay depends on the autonomous community where they have the inspection carried out.

A recent study by FACUA-Consumidores en Acción reveals a remarkable price difference of up to 348% between regions. In the liberalising market of Madrid we find the highest rates for ITV. Petrol vehicles are taxed on average €51.44, while diesel drivers have to pay as much as €65.51.

These amounts are in stark contrast to the average prices in Spain, which are €35.23 for petrol vehicles and €42.76 for diesel. The prices include 21% VAT (or 7% of the Canary igic, 9% of the Ceuta ipsi and 4% of Melilla), but not the traffic rate, set at €4.18 for all inspections.

Price drops in Valencia and Extremadura

The price drops in regions such as Valencia and Extremadura are to be welcomed. With the recapture of public services and the abolition of the noise test in Valencia, together with discounts of up to 50% in Extremadura, the financial burden on vehicle owners in these regions is significantly reduced.

Gasoline cars

The ranking of prices shows that after Madrid, the regions of Basque Country and Ceuta charge the highest costs for petrol cars. The most affordable fares can be found in Extremadura, where both public and private stations provide the service for €14.63 and €18.58 respectively, and Mallorca, where fares are determined by the island government. In Andalucia it costs €26.19 for vehicles of less than 1,600 cubic centimetres engine capacity and €35.40 for the rest and Murcia €22.30 at the only station directly managed by the regional government, in the town of Alcantarilla .

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Cogesa Expats

Diesel vehicles

The same trend continues with diesel vehicles. The Community of Madrid remains the most expensive at €65.51. Madrid is followed by Ceuta (€59.48) and Cantabria (€53.24). As for the lowest rates for the ITV of diesel passenger cars, these are again those of the stations in Extremadura (€14.63 for public and €18.58 for private stations), those of Andalucia for passenger cars of less than 1,600 cc. (€30.79), the public station in Murcia (€30.90) and the one in Mallorca (€30.92)., with Madrid again at the top of the list, followed by Ceuta and Cantabria.


Motorcyclists also face varying rates, with an average of €21.50 for an ITV, with differences as high as 355.4%. With the most expensive inspection in Madrid at €46.50. At the other extreme is Mallorca, where passing the ITV costs €10.21.

Huge heterogeneity

Overall, there is enormous heterogeneity in how each autonomous community sets its own ITV rates. This is notable since the inspections are regulated by state regulations.

The question arises as to how fair it is that regional differences are so great. In this context, while some communities are taking steps to reduce costs, others are facing steadily rising rates. Consequently, this further reinforces the disparity in ITV costs between Spanish regions.

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