Spanish Consumer Association warns about safe Halloween costumes

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Halloween costumes
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MADRID – While groups of friends, students, neighborhood associations, sports clubs, and cafes in Spain prepare for a terrifying Halloween on October 31, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) warns about the risks of some costumes.

Allergies due to make-up, risk of suffocation due to masks, or injuries due to sharp objects; the OCU has drawn up twelve tips to celebrate this Halloween safely. Although most of the recommendations are aimed at children’s costumes, some apply to adults as well.

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Coloured contact lenses

The OCU specifically advises against the use of coloured contact lenses or lenses with special effects, unless they are sold directly by an official optician. It also warns against flammable materials such as wigs or hats.

12 OCU tips for a safe Halloween


When using face paint for Halloween, the OCU points out six important points. Firstly, it is advised not to use any paint or varnish on children under the age of three.

Secondly, it must be checked whether cosmetics bear the CE mark. This indicates that the product is permitted within the European Economic Area. It is also recommended to be careful with face paints from the previous Halloween. Since they were opened a year ago, they may be past their expiration date.

An essential tip from the OCU to check whether a child is allergic to a cosmetic product is to apply a small amount to the forearm a day before and see if any itching or redness occurs.

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Before the face is painted, the organisation recommends first applying a moisturising cream. It will make it easier to remove the makeup. It is also advised not to paint the eyes and lips.

The costumes

As for the costumes themselves, the OCU recalls that they must also bear the CE mark, as they should be non-flammable. Nevertheless, it is advised to stay away from fireworks, lighters, or heaters. This is the case especially when wearing a wig or plastic elements.

For children, the main advice is not to wear masks due to the risk of suffocation. Here too there is a risk of the material catching fire.

In addition, it is recommended to be careful with sharp accessories and small objects. Think of buttons or toys that children under three years of age could choke on.

The organisation also reminds that the costume must be washed beforehand. If this is not possible, it is recommended to air it for at least two days.

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