It has been a busy few days for police in Granada

by Lorraine Williamson
Granada police

GRANADA – In the middle of the night between Sunday and Monday at around 2.45 am, police in Granada received several reports from residents. Seemingly some 300 people were in the streets of the La Bobadilla area, near a concert hall.

Not only was this a large gathering of people, they were on the road, thereby cutting off traffic. Furthermore, they were dancing and celebrating their own party with very loud music. Consequently, five police crews went to the scene.

Speakers blasting music

On arrival, they found the owner of one vehicle had, 3 columns, each with 2 speakers in the boot of his car. This was the “disco” for all the people who gathered there. The police immediately confiscated the speakers to prevent music from this vehicle disturbing the neighbourhood again. Furthermore, the local police had to request collaboration from Policia Nacional to be able to disperse the crowd and also the work of @Granada_Limpia to make the road passable.

Eventually, at around 4.00 am the intervention was finished and18 complaints were filed.

Granada police


More disruption

However, despite these actions, normality was not restored.

At 7.15 am, the police were informed that the party had returned. Once again they returned with 5 crews and, although there was no music this time, they processed 10 complaints for alcohol consumption on public roads and another for drug possession.

Cogesa Expats


It was also a busy night last night for the police in Granada.

Acts of vandalism by setting fire to several containers ended up causing the calcination of a total of 6 containers. As a result of this two shops, two floors and the facade of a building were also damaged to different magnitudes.

Several police crews went to the scene of the fire. Their initial priority was to first of all, inform the people of the affected property. This was so that they did not leave their homes due to the possible inhalation of smoke. Moreover, the firefighters needed to extinguish the fire and secure the area first.


Several eyewitnesses were able to give police a description of those allegedly involved; They were two boys, accompanied by a girl. They were told the youths were just 200 metres from the fire on Calle Sócrates, in Pasaje de las Siervas.

When the police arrived there, they found the three youngsters, and alleged perpetrators of the fire. They were aged between 15 and 17 years old. Furthermore, upon spotting the police, one of them put a bag inside of their trousers. The police duly intercepted the three minors, among whom were the two alleged perpetrators of the fire. These were identified by three witnesses, and therefore, the police proceeded to arrest the boys. They then notifed the girl’s parents to come and take care of her.

Hidden bag

During the search, police located the bag that one of the minors had hidden. It contained hashish and other cannabis products arranged for sale. Subsequently, the 2 were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the fire and, 1 of them, also for an alleged crime against public health.

Granada police


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