Google shows Málaga to the world with newest cybersecurity centre

by Lorraine Williamson
Google cybersecurity centre Malaga

MALAGA – In 2023, Google will open the newest cybersecurity centre in Málaga, which will become a leader for the whole of Europe. On October 28, Google presented the Safety Engineering Centre with a video showing Málaga at its best. 

Last year, Google already announced that it had its eyes on the capital of the Costa del Sol. At the end of October, Google presented the construction of the centre in a promotional video. The video features the most iconic places in Málaga, including the Pompidou Museum, the port and the cathedral. 

Google shows beautiful places in Málaga 

The video starts with a VirusTotal villa in El Candado in Málaga which served as the first “office” in Málaga. In 2012, this was acquired by Google. Then there are images of famous places in Málaga and also of the city´s famous painter, Pablo Picasso. 

Also, Google briefly presents its various technological achievements achieved over the years. In addition to images of Málaga, the video also shows 3D images of what the new office will look like and where it will be located in Málaga. The building itself will have a historic appearance on the outside. But inside, it will of course be equipped with the most modern techniques. The building will be built near the port of Málaga. 

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Message from Google to the world 

Google reports in its video: “In 2023, Google will take the next step with new ways to connect and bring cultures to life. In Málaga, we will establish a new center to strengthen online security around the world and make the internet better and safer.” 

On October 27, Kent Walker, director of general affairs at Google, tweeted: “This will be a game changer: In 2023, Malaga, Spain, our new Google Security Engineering Center will become a global hub for cybersecurity and malware research”. 

Opening new centre Google mid 2023 

In the second half of 2023, the so-called Google Safety Engineering Centre (GSEC) will open in Málaga. Together with the two existing centres in Dublin and Munich, these will become Europe’s three leading cybersecurity centres. 

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