Arrested on suspected robbery from football star´s home

by Lorraine Williamson
robbery at the home of football star


MADRID – La Policia Nacional have arrested a man suspected of being involved in a robbery at the home of a well-known Real Madrid football player.

The crime was committed in January of this year. At the time of the robbery, Karim Benzema´s home was empty due to Real Madrid playing football.


The home game against Elche at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu took place on January 22. Therefore, the thief thought to take advantage of the house being empty. Making it the ideal opportunity to rob Benzema´s home.

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Consequently, the investigation began the next day when the police received a report of a burglary at the player’s home in Madrid. According to what the police were able to ascertain, after forcing and breaking the windows, the perpetrator(s) gained access to the interior of the home, stealing items of great monetary value.


The man who was arrested is a French citizen born in 2000. He has no criminal record in Spain. The alleged perpetrator was found in the early hours of Thursday morning in La Junquera area where he was arrested for robbery with force.

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